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Dating is exhausting. With Tinder Swindler stories, ghosting, indecency, and mental health side effects, many single people have opted out altogether. I want to make IRL hot again. As a dog owner, I see pet-ownership as one of the most undervalued elements of what makes someone hot. Even though I’m using dogs as the familiar example, this thinking can also be applied to other pets. Feel free to forward to a hopeless Hinge romantic in need. 

  1. You’re responsible to care for the basic needs of another living being.
  2. You have the capacity for unconditional love of another living being.
  3. You’re ready to spend money on someone other than themselves.
  4. You manage time well.
  5. You’re patient; training a dog takes time.
  6. When your dog is trained, it shows that you’re thoughtful toward other people.
  7. You know how to forgive; dogs can make messes.
  8. You’re intimately familiar with snuggles.
  9. You’re not afraid of long term commitment.
  10. You care about spending time out in the world with a partner.
  11. When walking outside, it shows that they care about physical health.
  12. When chasing squirrels, it shows that they still like to have fun.
  13. When hiking trails, it shows that you like to be adventurous.
  14. You’re attentive to the subtleties of whoever is next to you.
  15. When keeping a watchful eye at dog parks, it shows that they care about safety.
  16. When going to the outdoor farmers market, it indicates that they enjoy quality time.
  17. When going to the dog park, it indicates that they’re open to meeting new people.
  18. When taking pictures, it shows that you love saving memories.
  19. When posting photos online, it shows that you love to share who you’re proud of.
  20. You’re also incredibly driven because you believe your furry friend deserves a backyard one day.

But understanding the hotness of dog ownership isn’t enough — if we are to make IRL dating hot again, it’s important for us to take our headphones out and talk to strangers.

This was inspired by https://hotsingles.nyc/