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We were asked to figure out how Lexus might capture the interest of Gen-Z.

Our Idea: 
Lexus challenges what it means to buy a car.

Research said luxury is more than owning a physical item. We identified music, art, and fashion as the spaces in culture where Lexus owners show up.
Our Strategy:

Give Lexus owners the ability to create culture through a membership program.

How it works:

As an owner, you are gifted an NFT that grants voting rights. This technology would allow owners to decide what musicians, artists, and fashion designers will be endorsed and sponsored by Lexus.

This patronage model would allow the creator’s work to be showcased at an exclusive Lexus event, RECOGNIZE, as a part of Art Basel. These partnerships could also be extended into select dealerships.

My Part:

— competitive / opportunity analysis against Mercedes
— cultral analysis of Gen-Z
— trend reporting on latest technology
— ecosystem thinking of membership program
— validating and connecting creative ideas
— deck writing