My Work

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In addition to the Lexus project, I’ll be sharing my best work in the spring. Here are a few highlights from last year.

  1. Fighting ageism with a board game
  2. Comms plan for Torchy’s Tacos
  3. Product design for Google Maps / GMB
  4. Brand essence video for World Wildlife Foundation
  5. Creative brief for Top Ramen

I’m currently available to take up to 20-hours a week of freelance work. This includes supporting the development of primary research, competitive briefs, positioning statements, creative briefs, ecosystem design, or whitespace proposals.

If you’re looking to hire full-time roles, here are some places that showcase diverse talent.

  1. diversecreatives
  2. peopleofcraft.com
  3. rememory.directory
  4. hireblackcreative.co
  5. blackswho.design