My Story

Arkansas, 2018 — before I even knew about strategy, I worked in digital marketing at two different agencies in Arkansas. After learning a ton of tactical skills, self-reflection and being nosey on the internet helped me discover the world of strategy and eventually VCU Brandcenter.

Since going through my first year and interning at AKQA, I’ve found that my best work sits at the intersection of brands, culture, and technology.

My goal is to help people progress in a meaningful way.

My Work

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In addition to the Lexus project, I’ll be sharing my best work in the spring. Here are a few highlights from last year.

  1. Fighting ageism with a board game
  2. Comms plan for Torchy’s Tacos
  3. Product design for Google Maps / GMB
  4. Brand essence video for World Wildlife Foundation
  5. Creative brief for Top Ramen

I’m currently available to take up to 20-hours a week of freelance work. This includes supporting the development of primary research, competitive briefs, positioning statements, creative briefs, ecosystem design, or whitespace proposals.

If you’re looking to hire full-time roles, here are some places that showcase diverse talent.

  1. diversecreatives
  2. peopleofcraft.com
  3. rememory.directory
  4. hireblackcreative.co
  5. blackswho.design